It is not widely recognised that faith is in fact quite common even in the UK and certainly across the world. Approximately half of the worlds 7 billion people express some degree of belief in the Christian faith so whether you are earnestly seeking truth or are simply curious we believe that you owe it to yourself to fully explore the christian faith before making up your mind what you believe. In the UK our society is still based largely on Judeo Christian values and institutions and thus an understanding of the Christian faith is vital to understanding our culture.

We would of course be delighted to help you in anyway we can to undertake this journey of exploration.  Just pop into or contact one of our member churches and ask.  Several of our churches also hold regular Alpha Courses where you can discuss Life’s big questions over a meal.  You can find information about the Alpha Course at

If you would prefer to look at some  simpler video based web content first then this would be a good place to start

If on the other hand you want to explore various topics in depth then why not give a try

There are a lot of other resources available on the web, but these should at least get you started