Community Church Bishop’s Stortford (Water Lane, CM23 2JZ)

We believe God’s church has a future and we can be part of it. The vision and values of the Community Church are in line with Scripture as well as being shaped by specific prophetic words we believe God has spoken over us.


Our vision is to be a church that builds a community which displays Gods splendour, where God loves to be, and where lives are changed by meeting Him!

We’re not perfect but we do want our vision and values to be consistent with the Bible, shaped by what God has said to us specifically, and lived out practically with genuine humility. We want to be an inclusive community, aiming to live wholeheartedly as disciples of Jesus with authenticity, generosity and honour.


Our values here at CCBS are central to helping us build a community that display’s God’s splendour. Our values are to:

  • Encounter God and worship Him wholeheartedly
  • Build an authentic community of all generations
  • Make mature disciples who honour and serve God
  • Meet people’s needs in the local community and in other nations
  • Share the gospel message and prioritise the mission Jesus gave his followers
  • Impact the region within reach of Bishops Stortford
  • Plant and support churches in other nations



Telephone: 01279 461231

E-mail :